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2018 Trend Report: 5 Design Trends to Retire -
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2018 Trend Report: 5 Design Trends to Retire

Trends… where do we start? Part of being in an ever-evolving and ultra-creative business is that trends and fads play a huge part in what we do. The new year always signals a changeover in style– and 2018 is looking to be a really vibrant and diverse year for design!


For the first half of our 2018 Trend Report we will focus on trends that are on their way out. The cause of trend death ranges from too-much-of-a-good-thing to feeling-a-little-bit-dated. Anything in design has a life span, some trends last for a few months and others last many years! So, before you go re-vamping your favourite spaces or investing in macramé for the whole neighbourhood (we’ll explain…), take a look at our list below…


1. Bye Bye beachy, breezy, boho

Yes. This includes our beloved macramé… The powers that be have had their fill of faded pastels and the macramé-apalooza that was so popular last year (too much too fast perhaps?). As a trend, it’s bye-bye to beachy and boho.

The ghost of trends past…. perhaps we were a little overwhelmed with the beachy boho vibes of 2017?


2. No more Ultra-Minimalism

This includes a couple trends from past years: No more rooms that feel like a clinic, no more white-on-white-on-white, no more anti-personality spaces. The reign of the ultra-minimal is coming to an end.

Ultra-Minimal spaces like the above photo are on their way out…


3. Au revior Accent Walls

The days of a pop of colour via a standout wall are gone.  But *spoiler alert* if you want your colour fix… a 2018 trend is to drench every wall with rich hues.

Nothing wrong with bold colours… 2018 is calling for more than just one wall!


4. Passé Plain Wallpaper

This one is actually quite logical. Wallpaper has a reputation for being difficult to put up– so why put time and energy towards a result that is… well… plain (and not in a good way)? Wallpaper is becoming more popular than ever, but just not in simple white and cream.

Nothing wrong with simple… but plain wallpaper gives way to bigger and bolder in 2018


5. Sayonara Stainless Steel + Rose Gold

Some of us may have forgot that stainless steel was even a trend to begin with… this one has been around for a long time! In contrast, Rose Gold, another trendy metal has only been popular for the past few years. Both are slowly being phased out in favour of a brass, black metallics, and other darker tones.

Rose Gold and Stainless Steel take a bow after a few popular good years


… 6. So long Subway Tiles

Okay… one more. And only because, like stainless steel, we never thought this would have an end! A mainstay in decor magazines, the classic small white subway tile, is being shelved. We doubt this tile will seem dated (it’s a such a classic look…) but it’s slowly being replaced with larger tile formats, natural stone, and a variety of colours.


So long subways… 2018 has a few new ideas


Okay, I need to phase some things out…

Did you look up from that list and realize your spaces are ticking a box or two? First and foremost– if you like what’s in your home that’s great! But if you’re feeling like things are starting to feel a little dated here are some tips on how to phase out stale decor:

→ Do it in stages. Identify elements that are making the room dated and take your time finding replacements– check out your options! Take advantage of test swatches and return policies to test-drive your new look.

→ Consider your taste. Just because beachy/boho isn’t as universally popular anymore doesn’t mean you are obliged to change your whole aesthetic. Thoughtful purchases and careful editing can make any style look great.

→ Consider the investment. Love to stay on top of trends, but can’t afford a renovation every year? Smaller items like pillows and design accents are items that can be replaced easily and at a low cost. When you feel it’s time for a change, phasing out the old and bringing in the new can be done in a pinch!


But why keep on top of trends in the first place?

Well, there are no rules. You shouldn’t feel obliged to keep on top trends if you don’t want to. Ultimately we believe that the best spaces speak to the personality and taste of the person living/working in them. But trends can be fun!

→ Are you thinking about selling your home? Homes that have that little bit of sparkle and ‘newness’ about them are more attractive to a majority of buyers. ‘Updated’ is a key word for many potential homeowners, and a couple strategic trends can shed years off of an older property.

→ Inspiring new ideas… Yearning for a fresh look? Not sure where to start? Trend reports are a great starting point for you to identify what you do and do NOT like.

→ Keeping updated. Some of us may have had that moment of ‘when did this start looking sooo old?’. Following trends is an easy way to constantly keep your spaces feeling fresh. The key is to not go overboard and be strategic!


At Designers Collective we love helping our clients refresh their look. From a new colour palette to a full reno, we can help you make 2018 a very design-forward year. Check out our eDesign page for details about our services, or email us at for inquiries! Coming up…. the 2018 trends we’re most excited to work with!


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