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Design Tips: Curtain Design Part 3, Creating Mood -
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Design Tips: Curtain Design Part 3, Creating Mood

Design tips: Curtain Design Part 3

Today is the last installment of our curtains blog. There is just so much to talk about with curtains we needed to divide it up into a few installments. So today lets talk about the mood you want to create with your curtains.

If you are a traditionalist you may opt for something a little more formal. So how do you get that? There are a few ways actually. For starters, you will need to think of the right fabric. What will add luxury and formality to your space? Silk! The sheen and luxe quality of silk will always add an element of formality. Silk needs a barrier from any sun though, as it will disintegrate over time so do make sure any silk curtain is lined.

Another opulent fabric is velvet. Velvet will make very heavy curtains and will also insulate very well. They are a good choice if drafts are an issue or you are looking for a very luxurious look and feel to your room.

Both of these fabrics will require dry cleaning and can be quite costly to have made as silk and velvet are more expensive fabrics than cottons. If you want the look of silk but not the cost associated with it you could use rayon blend or cotton sateen. Both of these will have the sheen that will give them the luxurious look but won’t be as sun sensitive and may not require dry cleaning.

If you like a more casual or less formal look then my favourite is linen. It does wrinkle which is what makes it look more casual and does not have a sheen. Linen will still require dry cleaning but there are a myriad of colours to choose from.

Cottons or cotton blends can be used in any décor for a crisp clean look as well as light wools or blends.

gray curtains

What about colour? Do you want the curtains to stand out or become part of the “envelope of the room? If you want them to blend in with the walls and just be another layer in the room then use a colour that is similar to the wall colour or a bit darker or use neutral colour. You could also choose a colour that is not dominant in the room such as a quiet colour pulled from the carpet. If you want the curtains to pop or want to add colour you could use a dominant colour. Instead of your eye skimming over the curtains, your eye will stop at the strong colour and it will act almost like a exclamation mark in the room.

Now what about pattern? Do you want a print or a stripe or do you want them to be plain? This will depend on what else is going on in the room. Again, if you want the curtains to blend in you will want to use a solid fabric. It may sound like by adding plain curtains in a neutral or a fabric that blends in that you aren’t adding much to a room but the reality is even by having them blend in, they add a lot to a room. It adds another layer and really helps it to look finished.

pink curtains

If you have very neutral furniture then you could opt for a stripe or patterned fabric for the curtains. This will add another dimension to the room and can be very interesting. For just a subtle variance you may want to opt for a small print but if you want more of a statement then use a larger pattern.

Using pattern can add a lot of energy to a room so make sure you know what kind of energy you want in the room. For instance, if it is a playroom or family room that tends to be a more energetic space so you could use larger more graphic, colourful patterns. If it is a master bedroom, which is considered a more quiet space, you may choose a quieter, more subtle pattern and colour.

curtain bottomsAs you have now read there is a lot to consider when deciding on curtains. If you have any questions, feel free to send them our way with as much information as you can give us along with pictures and we will try to answer your questions.




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